Diary of a Real Texas Housewife: About Me

Hi, I’m Apryl and welcome to my blog.



how to sell bitcoin in malaysia Like the saucy, sassy, sometimes crazy ladies on Bravo TV’s hit franchise the Real Housewives, I’m a fun-loving, out-going, sometimes disorganized 30 something housewife! Yeah, I’m just a housewife…. But I’m also so much more. I’m a bonafide makeup addict in need of a twelve step program. I am a former makeup sales girl with more than ten years’ experience. I’m a natural hair enthusiast. I, myself, have been natural over eight years. I’m a self-proclaimed top chef. I cook homemade meals for my family at least five nights a week. I’m a domestic diva in training (in need of some serious organization and time management skills)! I’m a design star with at least 10 unfinished DIY projects at any time. That’s right, I’m a Jane of all trades and a master of….. Well, I’m doing my best. I’m learning that the fantasy and the reality of being a housewife are not one and the same. To sum things up, I’m a work in progress. Follow me as work to get it right.  What’s right, you ask? You know, that Stepford wife meets Claire Huxtable with a dash of Lara Croft type of right. At least that’s my idea of right for now.






how to invest in mcdonalds Yes, I’m a wife and a mommy of two beautiful boys and I thought my life would be fulfilled. Don’t get me wrong, I love my husband and my sons beyond measure, however, I struggle to maintain a healthy balance in my life. The balance between being a devoted wife and mother and preserving a semblance of my former self, a girl who loves makeup, fashion, and having a good time.  My struggle is real. Martha Stewart makes it look so easy but my real life story is not! smh



This blog is my diary. A diary of my life and how I navigate all life’s twists and turns. I’m enjoying every second, living life to the fullest. All while doing things big, Texas style!

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